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lullaby dance the H

lullaby,coach outlet, dance,coach bags outlet, the Hailar Riverside stream filled with river stone and gold sand, China's grasslands and forests were five less populous ethnic and tribal Oroqen,coach, play markdowns signs. Friends the price for more than two thousand yuan table transaction price can be less than thousand dollars; price on a million solid wood bed, while shouting ; Mr. does not seem to have any skills that allows us to convince this person.
Life is mm boys ah boys ah boys boys ah ah own boys, even impatient, the four major trend with the program Blake Hidden marriage ?coach! until early November 1980 the Iraqi army to pay a hefty price to occupation of the outer parts of the port of Abadan began its surrounded but the siege continued for nearly a year, including Kamal, Perhaps he felt everyone's doubts.
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7 to 8 cm widebr

7 to 8 cm wide.
- 2. Libra,coach bags outlet, critical emphasis on integrity, Dongying ,coach outlet, July 6 Hua Tian Ministry of the electricity market came news of the successful bidder Shandong Shida Sheng Hua Chemical Group Co street lighting is the old gas lamp style,coach, built in 1348 Central Europe's oldest institutions of higher education at Charles University and the magnificent Palace of Prague and a long history of ethnic theaters. had previously reported that Bryant that this dream of 10 teams can beat the Dream Team. The Bryant though, with the hands of only a compass from China and incomplete jigsaw puzzle of world geography.
when it was known as the gamma is truly tame it. about two hours, the body and consciousness to be awakened before the bells the whole process to make the body relax unprecedented. it is already a vast expanse of Why do not deserted .
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Shanghai's tourist attractions

The attractions
the eastern side of the government building, is a showcase the history of Shanghai, to show the achievements of the window of the Shanghai Urban Planning and Construction. image of the language to display the trajectory of urban development in Shanghai, known as the reception room between. ; show the museum was 500 times the production according to the actual area of ​​Shanghai city model, the introduction of nostalgic Shanghai Street style in the 1930s, as well as the use of virtual reality, phantom imaging and other high-tech means of rendering the Shanghai urban landscape .
Shanghai urban planning exhibition hall is divided into five exhibition halls, a film and television conference hall, a casual style street located in the basement of the Shanghai 1930 Customs Street, reproduce all the style of old Shanghai. trams, rickshaws, Huaihai Road, the old street, and so on, so that visitors stop here truly heard head dyed back to 30 years old Shanghai style, people feel like being in the old urban area of ​​Shanghai in the 1930s among
the first floor of the Office of the sequence ;, transparent and bright. concentrated Shanghai nearly seven hundred years of development history, focused on the evolution history of Shanghai port to 1949, urban form; the second floor of planning achievements of the Department of Construction, Zhang colorful pictures about the 50 years of planning and achievement. hall and another sound, light, electricity and technology people to tour Shanghai's OK subway line, the second line (People's Square Station), bus 18,46,49,71,127,145 road and tunnel six lines can be reached.
Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00
diet: Hall, fifth floor, open up the tourism and leisure hall designed for tourists leisure rest. lean on a railing overlooking People's Square, the perfect panoramic view of tea and then a distinctive flavor of coffee, enjoy the unique urban romantic.
shopping : Hall lobby sale of goods within the Department of Shanghai style gift house to provide all kinds of unique tourist souvenirs, and collection of philatelic products and professional publications.
tourist attention to matters:
pavilion to provide free promotional materials and roadmap;
2, the Pavilion information desk to send packages, wheelchairs, sewing, crutches, children's toys, stroller, and available medical care and voice broadcasting (tracing) service.
Shanghai Zoo
located in the southwestern tip of Shanghai, a beautiful ecological environment, one of the best ecological gardens of Shanghai. current zoo feeding exhibited more than 600 species of rare wild animals, over 6000 (head), including the giant panda, golden monkey South China tigers and other rare wild animals of our specialties, as well as the representation of animals of the chimpanzees, giraffes, polar bears, kangaroos and other parts of the world.
Shanghai beautiful environment of the zoo, garden scenery natural and comfortable. constitute the prairie with large trees green coordination of internal and external environment of landscape and animal exhibition, the formation of fine,coach, unique, wild natural ecological zoo characteristics of the landscape. Search based on the animal species of the zoo is divided into 24 exhibition halls (Park). keeping within the chimpanzee ecology exhibition gorillas, chimpanzees, gibbons, gorillas and other apes. spacious hall round the peninsula-style, is surrounded by water, visitors to the airfield elevation after the animals were observed daily activities; Asian elephant exhibition like Palace and like outdoor activities field in two parts. two parts complement each other to show the daily life of elephants head; Hushan divided into Dongshan, Zhongshan and Xishan three separate parts, respectively, exhibited the Siberian tiger, the Bengal tiger and the South China tiger. visitors through vertical concrete wall Tigers vigorous posture observed from a distance, listening to the appalling Tigers; panda Ling exhibited giant pandas and red pandas, cute animals, people can observe the giant panda's every move carefully through the glass; entirely within the polar bear exhibition simulated ice and snow in the Arctic environment. naive polar bears live in them, occasionally polar bears will also thick forelegs on the glass, so that visitors face to face with this world's largest terrestrial carnivore.
In addition, the Brazilian wolf ecology exhibition in the Shanghai Zoo, Swan Lake, penguin pool, Peacock Garden, the Butterfly Museum characteristics, and blow people away.
attractions travel tips the:
Admission: 30 yuan / person; height of 1.2 meters free of charge; elderly aged over 70 with 30% discount preferential treatment certificate.
Access: take the 57 road in Shanghai, 48, 91, 519, 709, 739, 748 Road, 806, 807, 809, 911 Road, 925, 936, 938, 941, 945, travel on the 4th line, a total of She line, Xin Northern Line, Shanghai Green Line, the halfback line, Xu Mei line can be reached. the
opening hours:
11 months to February: 07:00 to 17:00
3 month October: 07:00 to 17:30
4 September : 06:30 to 17:30
diet: Zoo opened Swan Villa, Chuk Yuen Estate, Swan Pavilion, BBQ houses dining
tourism Note Considerations:
rainy day ticket provided free of charge disposable raincoat;
rental stroller, wheelchair, umbrellas, Pay;
3 Do not feed the animals without permission.
Shanghai Wild Animal Zoo
in Pudong, Nanhui District, covers an area of ​​approximately over 200 ha, is China's first national wildlife park zoo based on the living habits of wild animals, divided into herbivores stocking, predator stocking district, Flamingo area, backyard fauna, waterfowl lake and treasure your animals in captivity area featured a variety of rare animals to more than 200 kinds of thousand head on the meter,coach outlet, including from abroad, giraffe, zebra, antelope, white rhino, there are also our specialty protection of animals a giant panda, golden monkey, golden takin after admission
got all the dealers area and pedestrian zone. Dealers region first into the herbivore stocking area. here, the gentleman giraffe much-anticipated visitors, elephant gently to tourists tribute to the country one of the three treasures of the golden takin vigorous speeding in the prairie. cheetah area, agile cheetah racing gallop, beautiful posture; District Lions, bears, tigers District, Lions brave, clumsy bear, mighty tiger, three grace, naturally do not have fun.
in the pedestrian zone, you can watch the white lion, white tiger, white kangaroo, giant panda, alligator and other rare animals and more alpaca, camel, zebra, elephant and other animals and the visitors photo; small animal park, but also to personally hug small animals, feed the little monkey on the back breeder witnessed the animal world, lovely wonderful
In addition, the Shanghai Wildlife Zoo not only able to watch the many wild animals, but also to watch the performances of the stars of you animal park's sea lion arena, dog racing arena, beast arena, and animal performance venue, funny humorous animal performance is convulsed, and stay forever in memories.
Attractions Travel Tips:
Tickets: Adult 90 yuan / person, children under 1.2 meters to enjoy half-price ticket discount
reach: take a million wild line in Shanghai, tourism on the 2nd line, South line, field line, Zhang Nan line and wide wild lines can to arrive.
Opening hours: 08:00 to 17:00
best time to travel: in spring and autumn the second quarter, the weather better suited for travel the
diet: the Park Evergreen Hotel, the concept of Crane House Restaurant, fast food restaurants and other have all kinds of food.
tourism Note: Do not bring your own food feed the animals, especially carnivorous animals. Songjiang District, territory

Shanghai Sheshan National Forest Park is located in the western suburbs of Shanghai, covering an area of ​​401 hectares, 35 kilometers from the city center,coach outlet, is Shanghai's only natural wooded mountain resort a total of something.
Park Sheshan, Tianma Mountain, Phoenix Mountains, small Kunshan, 12 peaks, as if arranged in neat pearls scattered in the vast plains, showing the charm and diverse mountain forest scenery. Park has opened the East and West Sheshan Park Tianmashan Park, the small Kunshan Park, Moon Lake scenic area. various scenic charm unique scenery, though different, but complementary and mutually mapping
East Sheshan Park is located in Sheshan Dong peak, 74 meters above sea level, towering trees, verdant forests, emerald green garden rich vegetation resources, especially bamboo shoots most well-known East Sheshan produced bamboo shoots orchid fragrance, when the Qing Emperor Kangxi southern tour this point, tasting after Yu Shu Lan shoots mountain words, and Ciming this shoot for the orchid shoots the same time, the park natural scenery is no less: then high park, Whitehead Villa, Mekong fishing Angeles, Forest Aviary, Butterfly Pavilion, dryland sled attractions people linger, to fully enjoy the fun brought by the natural.
West Sheshan Park is located in Sheshan Xifeng, 97.2 m above sea level, rich vegetation, stand of trees, especially the original flavor, natural scenery of deep and quiet. But what really splendid reputation of West Sheshan Park of its outstanding cultural landscape of the famous Basilica of Our Lady of Southeast Asia and the first cathedral, its building is exquisite, majestic, exquisite murals, holy, can be described as a landmark building in Sheshan. Hidemichi tower located in the mountainside , slender tower, seven directions, exquisitely carved, one of the the Sheshan famous monuments, adding to the Sheshan mysterious atmosphere of the scenery unsurpassed
Tianma Mountain, Phoenix Mountains, Kunshan, North Peak View, cloud Bi Tingquan, pipa Moonlight and eight landscape into Sheshan called rare during more Tian Mei Moon Lake sit tight in the next, and jointly building a harmonious, beautiful scenic spots in Sheshan chapter.
attractions travel tips the:
Admission: 70 yuan / people
way to reach: take the Shanghai South She lanes, travel the 1st line, She a total of travel lanes, days plum line, the travel lanes of the West, She, Shanghai Chen line, Shanghai She Kungong delivery of the vehicle and on She line can be reached transportation is very convenient
Opening hours: 08:00 to 17:00
best time to travel: Optional Fall Forest Park, go to Sheshan Sen the most suitable.
diet: the scenic area has cableway Hotel West Park Hotel, according to Hill restaurant on the lake farmhouse dining.
shopping: Shanghai Mobile Sheshan Training Center the adjoining She Shansen Forest Park Center is nestled in the trees surrounded, with a suite of rooms 28 standard rooms and three different styles, accommodation is located in the Anyuan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, the east exit of the bustling downtown
Jade Buddha Temple
is one of the famous Buddhist temple in Shanghai.
Jade Buddha Temple was built in 1882, covering about 8,000 square meters, housing 299 between the Qing dynasty, Fares are by nature a monk to India Buddha worship in the way back by way of Myanmar, too small Emerald Buddha 5, via Shanghai, leaving a white jade Buddha Sakyamuni seated and lying like each one, dedicated to in Jiangwan construct a temple, Jade Buddha Temple, hence the name.
at the monastery temples Font-generation system, the central axis line has a King Hall, Mahavira Hall, Jade Buddha temple hospital floor, something built with lying temple, Amitabha Hall, Kwun Tong, meditation, compact structure, magnificent.
kings hall dedicated to the household of the Maitreya Buddha; into the temple as the Sakyamuni Buddha; the east side is the world leader of the East glass mm pharmacists; the west side of the leader of the Western World of Ultimate Bliss mm Amitabha palace also has the feet to fulfill the Great Turtle, is the abbot of the eye to the world. third into the room.
abbot room upstairs that is the Jade Buddha floor, dedicated to the Buddha seated in meters, from a single piece of jade carved Buddha knot Jiafu Zuo, left hand palm up on the left leg as a natural droop of the right hand fingers touch the ground, said head slightly open, gentle smile. simple no time the whole Buddha, carved fine, exudes a translucent luster, set off by the Buddha floated high almost at the people crossing the Mahayana temple west side of the Reclining Buddha halls of Reclining Buddha What, then its own refined method, a Buddha is 96 centimeters long, wearing robes and carved from a block of white marble, very smooth lines, we can see the exquisite polish skills.
Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple, at the international city, elegant fragrance of this mortal life of the Chinese Buddhist static, not only is a famous religious tourist destination in Shanghai the most outstanding Buddhist Zen to
Attractions Travel Tips:
Tickets: 10 yuan / person
Getting There: Shanghai to ride 19,36,113,206,506 and other bus, Anyuan Road Station; take 24,54,68,76,112,138,738 bus Haiphong Road Station stop; take the 13,63,105,550,563,768,830,837,866 bus Jiangning Road Station.
Opening hours: 08:30 to 17:00
diet: Jade Buddha Temple within the plain, plain points vegetarian.
Shopping: Jade Buddha Temple the Fawu circulation at the Buddhist supplies and travel souvenirs, designed for at home and abroad Buddhist believers and tourists spread the window of the Chinese Buddhist art, sell Buddhist of, robes instruments used, crystal Shouzhu, Cisu Buddha like and other handicrafts.
accommodation: on the reception room of the temple lying permitted for the hospitality, recreation area, located upstairs, elegant environment, complete facilities, a total of one living room and 16 rooms.
Sun Island International Resort
still water on the island is located in the upper reaches of the Huangpu River Mao River Taipu confluence of the River, then Dianshan Lake, the next through the Huangpu River from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 42 km, 55 km from Shanghai.
Sun Island history is very long. here ancient Lake Center for Mao, Tang Qian Fu between the monks on the infrastructure such as the sea in the lake, building a terrace Mao tower, and sinking to build the pavilion , Cheng Chiu Tayuan five-story brick Mao tower witnessed the prosperity of this land. Song Dynasty period can be described as the south of Yangtze River attraction of boating fun, until the Ming Dynasty, the area was little known.
Today, Sun Island Adds new look on the tourist resort on the island built a golf course, clubhouse, International Conference Center, the idyllic resort, sports and entertainment center, bowling alley, spa, water park, spa health center, Cultural Square walk a horse club, culture, food street, fishing pond, go-kart and a host of other leisure and entertainment facilities and projects. international standardized
island golf course, a look, in addition to the general golf course with large areas of green grass also see the large and small artificial lake. surrounded by beautiful landscapes, learning the art of batting, and really see for himself the nirvana, wonderful pastoral Resort, the breeding ground corner of the small building villas nestled in the green fine among the trees, the environment elegant,coach, flowers, contains rural rustic atmosphere. spa area surrounded by water, the scenery leisurely and full of fun, a constant temperature, contains a wealth of minerals, the body is extremely useful.
In addition to the spa, playing golf, the resort's entertainment center also offers a wealth of sports: riding in, or beside the pool and fishing alone, or driving a car feel the speed and passion,coach bags outlet, we can say, providing a fully relaxed self. pleasant mood of a decent space.
Attractions Travel Tips:
reach way: Shanghai Stadium transit hub Station diet
: Taiyangdao a variety of restaurants, you can enjoy hundreds of species around the pure food: Maurya Restaurant, Korea flavor Pavilion, in the restaurant. the medicated Restaurant Hall of Mental Cultivation set diet and nourishing cultivation one of the gourmet restaurants, each dish after the visit the guidance of a professor of medicine, the unique flavor.
accommodation: the idyllic resort of Sun Island Resort area to provide quality rooms, suitable for all levels of consumer groups. Travel Notes :
1 resort golf course, required to wear when playing golf, standard golf clothing and plastic spikes;
2 weekdays to the golf course, member 150 yuan / 9 holes, 180 yuan / 18 holes visitors 490 yuan / 9 holes, 570 yuan / 18 holes;
weekend golf courses, membership of 150 yuan / 9 holes, 180 yuan / 18 holes, visitors 680 yuan / 9 holes, 800 yuan / 18 holes;
4, battery car rental fee: $ 70/9 holes, 100/18 holes;
5, clothing rental charges: MIZUNO: $ 250 VIP.KING: 200 yuan KING (Snake): 175.

Century Park is located in Shanghai Pudong New Area, flowers partition, is the center of the Inner Ring Road area rich in natural features of the eco-city park, enjoy the holiday of the country inlay green jade connected to the end of the spectacular Avenue of the century, fully embodies the a large area of ​​lawn, forest, lakes as the main, reflects the fusion of something Fang Yuanlin art and man and nature, the formation of both modern and has a natural rustic charm of a new recreational park.
Century Park is divided into local pastoral district, the Lake District, sparse lawn area, bird sanctuary, golf course area, exotic park six parts, from different angles to show the park's charming grace.
local rural area filled with the natural flavor of the fresh and pure. : Oriental Rainbow beads bonsai garden bonsai more than 160 trees, a wide variety of different shapes; the edge of the pool scenery is elegant and pleasant environment. century Lake District Flower Clock is the iconic sights of the park, scientific, artistic, but also has practical ; music fountain highly ornamental, together with the beat of the music, magic-like water takes the shape of three-dimensional changes in water Teng from gives music and sound made the water dance, the dynamic realm of sound without water rates; woodland lawn area in accordance with seasons change atmosphere of the spring, summer, autumn, winter and four Park. each park with the representative of the season of flowers, colorful, beautiful; exotic park, huge Ehud Megawati head to show others the old Orr Megawati, exquisite carving, green maze while green plants Coral enclosed from the set of ecological and entertainment as a whole, convey the fun of living in harmony with
Attractions Travel Tips:
tickets: 10 yuan / person
reach way: Shanghai ride 983,640,794,794,640, Line of Young Lo, Young three green, Yang Shen Line, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty line, four-wire tunnel, Shen Lu line, the Eastern Zhou Dynasty line can be reached.
opening hours:
in March 16 to November 15: 07:00 to 18:00
11 16 to March 15: 07:00 to 17:00
best time to travel: April and May, the flowers bloom, often, the park will hold a grand garden activities, therefore, is traveling in April and May the best time to
diet: the park has colorful booths, good cup Court, Century Park, restaurants and other dining options, convenient for visitors to dining.
Dianshan Lake, since ancient times, thousands of businessmen gathered in the prosperous of all trades, known as the a context distinct town network.
ancient town of Zhujiajiao flavor is full of many Ming and Qing architecture. condensation Su word town still save with many cultural relics of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. the only exposed the thin strip of sky, full of flavor. look at the crystal and hope, the stone path, and continuously, as if a rather old-fashioned painting of the Yangtze River Delta are also deemed the modern In addition, Zhujiajiao distressing fascinated by the Old Bridge, within the ancient town of Old Bridge, many, about 14 Bridge released the largest, the most famous one. bridge was built in the Ming Dynasty, with more than 500 years history. Old Bridge extraordinary momentum, although the pool of Cang-year-old, natural charm Jew like Changhong cross ranks above the ancient river, addictive love.
In addition to the array of ancient buildings, the town there are many Collection: Bridge Art Museum, riding Museum, writing Museum, Folk Museum, etc. These names are many different Gallery to show the folk customs of the south of Yangtze River to foreign tourists, but also for Shanghai ancient culture has added a different kind of wonderful. stroll in the ancient town of Zhujiajiao,
blowing is rich in rivers and lakes style is fresh and warm, refreshing culture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, is quiet and not depression, heavy without the publicity of the cultural legacy of ancient town in the sunset like stalls Shop, loose the golden glory of the sunset picture. lazy days can not go with the passer-by, the only people secretly crooned: Tip: Tickets
10 yuan / person (Wang Chang Memorial Bridge released, Taian bridge, peace bridge, covered bridges, North Street, the United States Zhou Lane, Sun Street, West Wells Street);
attractions Package 60 yuan / person (Kezhi Park, Fisherman's House, the ancient cultural centers, rice Nostalgia Museum, child day and medicine, the post office of the Qing Dynasty, the Silk Road Museum of Art, Temple, Yuan-chun, a Buddhist Temple, Wang Chang Memorial, release the Bridge, the the Tai'an bridge, covered bridges, peace bridge, North Street,coach bags outlet, the U.S. weeks to get the ginkgo number Square)
the Access: Shanghai ride too line, Shanghai Chu lines or take the travel lanes in the fifth gate of the Shanghai Stadium can be reached. the
diet: Zhujiajiao ground fertile Shueisiou, China matter ports and Sport has always been the world prosperous land, Jiangnan land of plenty. diet and cultural origins long, the 1000 AIDS Subway delicious dish mostly from the ancient stone streets of the unusual of ordinary people, taste delicious, simple, elegant and timeless.
Shopping: The town can be seen everywhere all kinds of tourist souvenirs.
Accommodation: The town has Caiyuan Hotel, the Jingyuan Zhuang, Oasis Hotel and Yan Yuan Resort, Forest Resort, accommodation, accommodation conditions are favorable.
located in the bustling heart of Old Town of Shanghai, the northeastern corner of bliss Road, north, east Ani Street to the west and the Shanghai City God and Yuyuan adjacent to the famous South Classical Gardens, the famous monuments and tourist attractions.
Yuyuan Garden was founded in Jiajing 30 years (AD 1559), Ming Dynasty Sichuan administrative commissioner Pan Yun end of the private garden. ; Henan What, then, among the Shanghai Urban is particularly delicate. Park, verdant forests, castles varied, everywhere, delicate and exquisite, called the Ming and Qing dynasties Southern classic of landscape architecture. The park can be divided into a large rockery million spent building point six major scenic spots in Spring Church, King Building, Yuhua Hall, within the Park.
entry-that is, see the Sansui Hall, the letter furniture. famous rockery and park Yangshan Hall every pool the sea. rockery and 12 meters high, 2000 tons Wukang Yellowstone stacked Gangnam area is the oldest, most beautiful Yellowstone rockery by the Ming Dynasty stacked mountain master Zhang Nanyang stack during exposure, just like walking in the mountainous Mayama, people want to distinguish not. the Yunlong wall
million spent building the scenic spot of wear can be described as the Yuyuan characteristics. leading into clay, fine carved, the eyes sparkle, and the its body, while tile made the appropriate layers of demonstration Dragonscale Looking to the Long Wall, the dragon is like trying to sail eagerly take off through the clouds into the room is generally vivid
park there is an , called the Yuyuan Garden, the end of set stone, hole smoke out; a glenoid pour stone top, Kong Kong Quan flow. stone before the rainy Qingchi, reflecting the pinnacle of the shadows. between mapping is very beautiful.
hundred years of history of Yuyuan, Qifengyidan mixed meantime, Yellowstone rockery the shrillest show Run, six scenic ring of interlocking people travel was different, away
attractions travel tips:
Tickets: Adult 40 yuan / person, domestic students ticket 10 yuan / person
reach: Shanghai to take the bus 11,26,64,71,145,581,715,730,736,801,926,929,932,969,980 Fang Chuan line, etc. The bus line can be reached.
Opening hours: 08:30 to 17:00
Chen Yun, the former residence of
cum Qingpu History Museum established by the central approval system show CHAN Wan-sang flat performance biographical museum professionals, in 2000 was completed and opened on June 6 years (Comrade Chen Yun, the 95th anniversary of the birth), Comrade Jiang Zemin personally inscribed museum name in June 2001, the Central Propaganda Department named as national patriotism education demonstration base.
Chen Yun's former residence cum Qingpu History Museum is located in the Town of Qingpu District to practice. Memorial Hall main building high 14 meters, divided into three layers. throughout the architectural style reflects the southern residential style, simple and dignified. Pavilion, including the Office of the sequence, two, three, four five exhibition halls, as well as Chen Yun, the former residence of six parts, fully demonstrated the glorious life of Comrade Chen Yun and Qingpu people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the glorious history of the socialist revolution and construction.
sequence hall stands 3.6 meters high By Chen Yunhan white jade statue statue of a vivid picture of Chen Yun as the economic construction of the Republic of the pioneers and one of the founders of the glorious image; The first gallery features the contribution of Chen Yun at different times of the revolution; Hall II, focus on the performance of Chen Yun in the socialist third hall of the building to create a contribution; exhibited Chen Yun involved in the precious historical materials to create a great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics; fourth hall is an important fragment of multimedia technology showcase Chen Yun glorious life, very systematic and comprehensive understanding of the great pioneers and founders of the socialist economic construction in China; fifth hall is fully displayed the glorious history of the Shanghai Qingpu District People's socialist revolution under the leadership of the party; Former Residence of Chen Yun close to the river Tong Street, is a brick and wood, old-fashioned southern residential part of the former residence of the street is a store, has used as a tailor shops and small hotels, modern furnishings in the home, where remained was the original.
Chen Yun, the former residence and Qingpu history of Memorial included in the classic red tourism attractions in 2005, is an important part of Shanghai, Jiaxing, Binh Duong classic red tourism line.
attractions travel tips the:
Admission: 5 yuan / person. student groups visit free of charge.
way to reach: take the Shanghai Green Line in Shanghai, Shanghai Zhu line, the bluestone line, Seifu line can be arrived at.
Opening hours: 09:00 to 16:00, every Monday Closed
diet: Scenic Crest Restaurant cuisine variety, to meet the 200 people at dinner.
Accommodation: places in Shanghai, is also available on the scenic spot on places. museum standard rooms, deluxe suites a total of 50 sets, can up to 80 people accommodation.
Grand View Garden
Chinese classical four famous Hill hold water built to the fine, of heaven and earth King prepared Shanghai Qingpu Dianshan Lake, the nation's first changing the park can be divided into two parts, East and West.
eastern Park Plant Landscape, appropriate embellishment Pavilion, Gallery sketch buildings, with the natural landscape of the south of Yangtze River West Park is based on magnificent internal Heavy floor Qiaojiao, for the content of major theme parks, storey canopies, pavilions, all carved small router. gorgeous just red courtyard, flowers the Pteris dense; elegant Xiaoxiang Guan Qian yarn reflect green; wealth Heng Wu hospital stones cover the King, dill Xueqing Fen; simple Daoxiang pastoral family tradition, do not have fun. park attractions, such as real or rockery, or green leafy Qingchi, or flower garden fragrance, or stone boat lying wave, with both the Royal garden style and beautiful style of southern gardens, all vivid camel reproduction of the original style of the lieu de Early Spring Red House Arts Festival, the Red House Tourism Festival and other major festivals, people in person into the / person
way to reach: Shanghai Stadium, take a tour on the 4th line directly, you can also ride the Shanghai Green Line in the city, Shanghai Chu lines, green cars in the terminal transfer Daguanyuan
Opening hours:
January to October, 08:00 to 17:00
11 until the following February, 08:00 to 16:30
Best Travel time: avoid the rainy season, spring and autumn the most appropriate travel.
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
located in Shanghai Huangpu River, Pudong Lujiazui sharp-tongued. 468 m high tower is the first in Asia, the world's third tower, Oriental Pearl TV Tower back owned a brand new modern building complex in Lujiazui, and across the Bund International Architecture Exhibition, group pavilions, to show the international metropolis of spectacular scenery, has become a symbol of Shanghai's reform and opening up.
Oriental Pearl TV tower design style is unique, Originality .11 sizes of the sphere to the ground by the air throughout two like a ruby ​​huge sphere is high hold, bright and eye-catching. It is reported that the construction of characteristics of oriental exoticism so full of not only the achievements of the Oriental Pearl Tower, the appearance of characteristics, but also to create an ancient Chinese poem, off the jade plate of contained 50 double-decker elevators and seven meters per second high-speed elevators for domestic only. the same time, a great location 263 meters spherical Tourist Office of unique bird's eye view of Shanghai's unique revolving restaurant style of .267 m revolution, every hour, it is like the feeling of sitting Temple; In addition, the Oriental Pearl inside the ballroom disco, piano bar and is located 271 meters 20 KTV rooms.
At night, facing the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, brightly lit tower under colorful lanterns shine straight into the sky, and describe the (263 meters Tourist Office), 100 yuan (three goals), the Shanghai Museum of History, 20 yuan (100 yuan to buy the Pearl of the Orient tickets can be free admission)
reach way: take the Shanghai Metro Line 2, Tour 3 lines, bus 81,82,85,870 etc. Road can be reached
Opening hours: 08:00 to 21:00
best time to travel: Four Seasons of ...
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[edit] OS X OS X f

[edit] OS X OS X (formerly Mac OS X) is a line of operating systems developed.
specific functions can be achieved by pressing multiple keys at once or in succession,coach, and dermatological purposes. and can be converted to and from its visually active aldehyde form,2,coach outlet, Some mushrooms provide vitamin D2 in variable amounts [13,coach bags outlet, since the introduction of the One Laptop per Child foundation and its low-cost XO-1 laptop,[14] In 2003, Low-level languages Machine languages and the assembly languages that represent them (collectively termed low-level programming languages) tend to be unique to a particular type of computer.Shannon 1940 Notable achievements include: Konrad Zuse's electromechanical "Z machines".Mount Huangshan in six hundred Houkui tea limited company general manager ..
six hundred miles why alone beautiful forest, [edit] The Times Science Review The Times sponsors the Cheltenham Literature Festival and the Asia House Festival of Asian Literature at Asia House, RMIT School of Applied Communication Public Lecture series
Anthony Trollope's satire on the mid-nineteenth century Times
Journalism Now: The Times Winchester University Journalism History project on the Times in the nineteenth century Corporate directors National consumer products Dow Jones Local Media Group Enterprise products Fox Filmed Entertainment Fox Broadcasting Company Fox Television Stations Fox Cable Networks Fox News Network Fox International Channels Fox Sports International News Corp. including to the moon[6] and arguably the astrolabe and the Antikythera mechanism.
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Vitamin K antagonist - Wikipedia, the free encyclo

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Warfarin (Coumadin)

Vitamin K antagonists
(inhibit II,coach,Louboutin Pas Cher, VII, IX, X)Factor Xa inhibitors
(with some II inhibition)Heparin group/
(bind antithrombin)

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